Empowering adults with autism for a brighter future. 


Changing Lives, Opening Minds.

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Creating Jobs

ERS creates sustainable, long term employment for adults with autism and different disAbilities while offering an ethical solution to electronics waste management.

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Building Partnerships

ERS partners with businesses, organizations, and individuals throughout Tennessee to offer an economically and ethically sound option to the disposal of computers, cell phones, and other electronics in order to create job opportunities for the disAbled.

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Designing Solutions 

ERS partners with established recycling centers who do not provide e-waste management; thereby, providing a resource solution that, if otherwise unavailable, may encourage the unethical disposal of electronics materials. 

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Supporting Families

ERS offers families peace-of-mind to know that their differently-ABLED son or daughter will receive the training and skills he/she needs to be a productive and happy individual. 

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Benefitting Our Community

ERS has the profound honor of being Middle Tennessee's only electronics recycling solution impacting the economic, environmental, and social landscapes of our community. Discover how, and how you can contribute and get involved.

CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW VIDEO  Discover how she is  Lyft -ing others up in pursuit of a higher calling, one ride at a time.

Discover how she is Lyft-ing others up in pursuit of a higher calling, one ride at a time.

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship is the use of start-up companies and other entrepreneurs to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. This concept may be applied to a variety of organizations with different sizes, aims, and beliefs.

Rebeckah Dopp is a social entrepreneur. Rebeckah is the visionary behind Electronics Recycling Solutions, whose sole focus is to fill the gap for a very special, but under-served community.

Highly educated and with years of experience in Special Education, Rebeckah left her secure 9-5 job as Head Master of Schools to pursue her calling - to create jobs for adults with Autism and other learning differences. “The catalyst for this drastic change was when I encountered one of my former students. After graduating he was living in his parent’s basement and had no social outlets; he was no longer eligible to receive the aid he needed because he had aged-out. I left feeling saddened, frustrated, and determined to make a change”

Rebeckah resigned from her job and proceeded to form Electronics Recycling Solutions (ERS). Through ERS, adults who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other disabilities receive on-the-job training and permanent employment, satisfaction of independence, and will be in a safe, rewarding environment where they feel needed. 

“Fewer than 20 percent of adults with autism are employed and each year 50,000 turn 18 years old. While it was difficult to leave as Head of School, I truly believe that I am being led to serve a larger portion of the disabled community by helping to develop and lead an amazing company like we have at Electronics Recycling Solutions.” said Rebeckah. 

In order to fund ERS Rebeckah took a job driving for Lyft so that she could focus on developing the business. Today, Rebeckah has secured such partners as Bridgestone Arena and Music City Center; all whom have committed to donating their electronics. “Now we need to secure a facility and equipment like trucks and lifts.” said Ms. Dopp.

Ride along with Rebeckah on her journey and discover how she is Lyft-ing others up in pursuit of a higher calling, one ride at a time.


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